The Coaching Awards presented during the gala included:


Coaching Excellence Awards

The Coaching Excellence Awards recognize the individuals who go above and beyond in their contributions to the development and promotion of our national education and development programs for coaches, instructors and riders. These recipients have not only dedicated hundreds of hours of their personal time, but have also been recognized and nominated by their peers for their contribution to our world class coaching and rider education programs.


Western Coaching Program - Wendy Johnston

English Coaching Program - Victoria Andrew

Western Evaluator - Barbara Newlands

English Evaluator - Kathy Playdon

Learning Facilitator - Lorraine Hill Drive

Coaching Program - Kathleen Winfield

Program Administration - Wendy Sewell


The National Coaching awards were presented to coaches and instructors who exemplify the National Coaching Certification Program, and set an example promoting rider education through the national Learn to Ride and Learn to Drive programs. These individuals were instrumental to the success of our programs and their passion inspires other coaches around them.


Para-Equestrian and Therapeutic Riding

- Chelsea Van Lierde, Joan Sopow, Kendra Flynn-Stronach


English Instructor of Beginners

- Danielle Gallant, Madeline West


Western Instructor of Beginners

- Sarah Andrews


English Level 1/Competition Coach

- Alyssa Noonan, Connie Dorsch, Genevieve Dupont, Heather Stauble, Irina Yastrebova, Laura Williams, Melissa Reimche


Western Level 1/Competition Coach

- Lisa Wieben, Norma Graham


English Level 2/Competition Coach Specialist

- Gina Allan, Janet Adams, Judy Hunter, Krista Pollack, Leslie Hierath, Marie Helen Lessard, Olivia Van den Berg, Rosalind Moskovits, Susanne Rauhut


Western Level 2

- Wendy Price, Ruth Ratcliffe


Level 3/High Performance

- Eleonore Elstone, Wendy Nelson, Margie Gayford, Marie-Claire Savard



About the Awards Program: The Equine Canada/NCCP National Coaching Awards are presented by ProChaps and recognize Coaches and Instructors from all disciplines and contexts who exemplify the coaching and teaching practices of the National Coaching Certification Program.


About ProChaps: ProChaps is happy to partner with Equine Canada and to directly sponsor and harvest the building of the ProChaps/Equine Canada Coach Development Fund. ProChaps was created in Canada by active individuals who combined their talent in equestrian sport, clothing design and dynamic communication to create advanced legging equipment using proven manufacturing techniques and advanced materials. The chaps are tested relentlessly by industry professionals and used to set the high standards for both comfort and performance.