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the durability
  • The proven and solid hold of the ProChaps is founded in the triple layers of stretchy tissue that contain an integrated liner incorporated through a specialized process founded in the neoprene with micro perforations. The micro perforated neoprene is a breathable material. The neoprene layer is also comprised of a bacterial membrane which destroys the bacteria contained in sweat helping the chap retain its form and long lasting durability.
  • These various component combinations provide an assured and durable flexibility in the Chaps material, guaranteed comfort and holds its position very well. On top of this, the waterproof leather will keep your legs perfectly dry.
THe technology used in prochaps
  • The ProChaps are constructed with a combination of technical materials of top performance, placing it above the basic products we tend to see on the market today. We use three materials founded in different bases: An extra light knit that is breathable and doubled over with a perforated neoprene material and impregnated waterproof leather with Cambrelle lining.
  • The Cambrelle lining stabilizes the leather which allows it to retain its original form. ProChaps does not change its form overtime, does not slide down the leg, and does not form folds between the leg and the saddle.
No to irritants
  • Unlike other brands, ProChaps do not drop down on your leg. The Chap adapts easily to all different kinds of paddock boots. The border strap is extra soft and allows, from the beginning, an effortless and seamless fit without any kind of rubbing or unpleasant friction between saddle and leg.
  • The support strap under the boot is designed to withstand the urine (ammonia) of the horse, so it will not deteriorate over time. The zipper was designed with high density nylon to provide a longer duration over time. Moreover, there closure of the zipper is pocketed and bars itself when closed, preventing any time of movement while in use.

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